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Albert D Seeno Sr

Building Your Dream Home

Albert D Seeno Sr

Founded Seeno Homes in 1938

About Seeno Homes

Seeno Homes is a home development firm located in Northern California, focusing on constructing new homes tailored for families of various sizes. Our commitment is to bring your dream home to life, perfectly aligning with your needs. We emphasize the highest levels of craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. This section provides an opportunity to share more details about our company and the range of services we provide. Our seasoned team will assist you throughout the entire home-buying journey, from selecting a floor plan to making the finishing touches. Our dedication to clients extends beyond transactions; we value building enduring relationships. Allow us to assist you in discovering and securing your dream home today.

Our Relationships

At Seeno Homes, we prioritize the establishment of robust connections with our clients. We recognize that the purchase of a home constitutes a substantial investment, and our commitment is to accompany you through every phase of this process. Our team is unwaveringly devoted to delivering outstanding customer service, striving to make your home-buying journey seamless and stress-free.


Leveraging more than eight decades of expertise in the home development sector, Seeno Homes has established a renowned reputation for quality and excellence. Our dedicated team of experts is focused on achieving optimal outcomes for our clients. Utilizing solely top-tier materials and incorporating cutting-edge construction techniques, we guarantee that your home is crafted to withstand the test of time.

Partnership through the Process

At Seeno Homes, we are committed to partnership through the process to ensure our homebuyers remain informed throughout the process. 

Our Mission

Building the Perfect Home for You

Seeno Homes is dedicated to elevating your home-buying experience through the delivery of top-notch homes that perfectly align with your requirements. We firmly believe in making the dream of residing in a perfect home accessible to everyone, and our commitment is to transform that belief into reality. Our team is driven by a passion for constructing homes that go beyond expectations, capturing your individual style and personality in every detail.

Image of Albert D Seeno JR in his business suit after completing the construction of his new building in Concord CA

Albert D Seeno Jr

Chief Executive Officer

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